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Electrical wiring should be performed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor.

All electrical wiring is subject to inspection by The Electrical Safety Authority.

A Licensed Electrical Contractor cannot perform work under another person’s electrical permit.

When a contractor is performing an electrical home inspection, an electrical permit is not required.  An electrical permit would only be needed if additional electrical wiring is performed.

Replacing residential switches, plugs, lighting fixtures, etc do not require an electrical permit.  However, the same work performed on a commercial building would require an electrical permit.

When you purchase an older home, most insurance companies will insist that you upgrade your 60 amp main service to at least a 100 amp service.

When you purchase an older home, most insurance companies will insist that you remove all knob and tube wiring.

Most insurance companies won’t insure a home with aluminum wiring unless a thorough inspection has been made by a licensed Electrical Contractor and the devices have been upgraded to those approved for aluminum wiring.

100 amp services are not of adequate size to accommodate most hot tub installations and EV Charger installations.

It is illegal to replace a two wire receptacle with a three wire receptacle on an ungrounded wiring system.

Tamper-proof receptacles are required for new wiring installations.

Ground fault receptacles are required in all bath rooms and powder rooms within 1 meter of the basin.

Smoke detectors are required on all levels of the home including the basement and all bedrooms.

The maximum number of outlets that can be wired on a circuit is 12.

Breaker panels are not permitted to be installed in bathrooms, stairwells or clothes closets.

At least 1 meter of access space is required about the electrical panel.

Receptacles are not permitted to be installed above electric baseboard heaters.

All outdoor receptacles installed within 2.5 m. of finished grade are to be ground fault protected.

Receptacles shall not be mounted facing up in the work surfaces or counter tops in the kitchen or dining areas.

Any lighting fixtures installed in spaces less than 2.1 m. / 7’ in height shall be of the pendant type or properly guarded to prevent breakage.

Switches are not to be located within 1 meter of a bathroom tub or shower.

Fuses or breakers cannot be loaded to more than 80% of their rated ampacity.

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24-48 hours following initial site visit.
Do you warranty your work?
Absolutely. We honour workmanship for a period of 12 months.
Do you carry complete liability insurance coverage?
Yes we do. We also carry full W.S.I.B. coverage for our Electricians.
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Interac E-Transfer, Cheque, Visa, MasterCard.
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Although our primary focus is on the residential and commercial markets, we occasionally entertain small service calls from the industrial sector. Please click here to contact Ken for your inquiry.


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