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Welcome to The Electrical Doctor, where our journey in the electrical field is anchored in deep-rooted expertise and dedication.

As a Fully Insured and Licensed Master Electrician, along with being a highly regarded ECRA/ESA Registered Electrical Contractor, The Electrical Doctor embodies a legacy of unparalleled experience and proficiency in electrical services.

Ken's commitment to the Electrical industry cements his status as a trusted expert in the field. Serving both residential and commercial sectors in Kingston, The Electrical Doctor prides itself on delivering exceptional quality services at affordable rates.

Trust in our hands the safety and efficiency of your electrical needs, knowing that you are in the capable care of a Licensed Master Electrician and a recognized ECRA/ESA Electrical Contractor.

Fully Insured, Fully Licensed, Over 50 Active Years in The Industry

Let Ken's Years of Experience be put to work on your next project.