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Kingston Electrician: Custom/Older Home Wiring

Ensuring Safety and Modern Standards in Every Wire

Embrace the fusion of tradition and modernity with The Electrical Doctor's electricians, experts in custom and older home electrical wiring.

Our electricians specialize in bringing the electrical systems of older Kingston residences and commercial buildings up to current safety and efficiency codes. In an era where technology like computers and smart appliances are integral to our lives, our electricians skillfully upgrade older wiring systems to seamlessly support these advancements.

The Electrical Doctor's team of electricians are adept at identifying and rectifying outdated systems such as knob & tube wiring, ungrounded wiring, or inadequate 60-amp services, transforming them into safe and efficient electrical networks.

For those constructing new homes or undertaking renovations, our electricians ensure that every wire and outlet reflects the highest electrical standards, aligning with your unique design aspirations while adhering to the latest electrical codes.

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Electrical Wiring in an Old Home