Electrical Service Upgrades

The Electrical Doctor provides electrical service upgrades.  A home or office with an electrical service upgrade is a safe environment.

Old and worn fuse and breaker panels can lead to dimming lights, tripped breakers and yes, even fires. Our Electricians offer a wide range of parts and options to quickly and conveniently meet your individual needs as a homeowner and keep everything working safely.

Whether your project is adding a new room to your home, installing new outlets or lights, or even a complete electrical service upgrade, a breaker panel in good working order is a necessity.

Electrical codes and standards change frequently. This often means that adding something in one part of your home may require replacement, addition, or repair of seemingly “unrelated” things elsewhere to satisfy inspectors. This can be quite a hassle, and lead to costly mistakes. Why worry about it yourself, when you can let our Certified Electricians get it right the first time? We add safety and equity to your living space or place of business.

Let us use our professionalism, know-how, and years of experience to install your circuit breaker panel with caution and security in mind.

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