Recessed Pot Lighting Fixture Installations

Recessed lighting also known as can lighting, pot lights, or flush mounted lighting was first used in commercial and industrial units as early as the 1940s as a way to maximize lighting efficiency and make offices look more aesthetically pleasing.

This type of lighting is popular in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, low ceiling basements, and used in commercial buildings as a way to highlight merchandise, add character to the space, all while saving energy and making your place look more inviting.

For homes with lower ceilings and especially in basements recessed lighting makes good use of space and is more aesthetically pleasing than a bulky lighting fixture.

Suggested Locations & Controls

  • Under Cabinet Lights
  • Bathroom Lighting
  • Kitchen Lighting
  • Accent Lighting
  • Accent & Decorative Lighting
  • Energy Saving Lighting Solutions
  • Soffitt
  • Suspended Ceilings
  • Bathroom Tub & Showers
  • Lighting Dimmers and Timers

Recessed Lighting Parts include the Housing, Trim, and Light Source:

  • Housing
    This is the main protective structure of the fixture that is hidden in the ceiling and holds all of the necessary electrical components.
  • Trim
    The decorative molding that covers the opening of the light.
  • Light Source or Bulb
    A range of bulb types are used in recessed lighting, from wide flood style to tightly focused halogen bulbs. In the case of LED retrofit trims, the light source is integrated into the trim so no bulb is needed.

LED Retrofit Kits are an easy way to update older recessed fixtures to energy-efficient LEDs. Designed to replace existing trim, they are simply screwed into the bulb socket and held in place with clips.

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