Commercial Grade LED Lighting

LED Lighting Solutions for apartment buildings, condominiums, retirement homes, hotels, office buildings, retail stores, hospitals, educational facilities, industrial facilities, and various other institutions are available.

The quality of LED Lighting technology has vastly improved over the past few years. With the ever-increasing rise in electricity costs, businesses are looking for ways to reduce their power consumption, save on energy costs and greatly reduce their maintenance requirements.

Some points to consider when attempting to verify savings:

  • Cost per kwh
    Electricity rates change annually; the cost variation from one year to the next must be taken into account.
  • Number of fixtures added/replaced
    e.g. if in one year you had 10 fixtures and after renovations you replaced all 10 fixtures and added 5 more, you need to be able to take these changes into account when measuring energy savings
  • Forecasted Consumption vs Actual Consumption in kwh
    Number of hours of operation before vs after renovations.

The Electrical Doctor will audit, analyze, recommend and implement new lighting solutions that will greatly reduce energy consumption, maintenance costs, and improve the overall safety and aesthetics of your establishment. This includes delivering a level of light colour and quality acceptable for use in your specific environment.

Book your complimentary energy audit before any current incentive programs expire. We also offer our services to submit the appropriate forms on your behalf for the grants that are available.

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