LED Lighting Solutions for apartment buildings, condominiums, retirement homes, hotels, office buildings, retail stores, hospitals, educational facilities, industrial facilities, and various other institutions.

The quality of LED Lighting technology has vastly improved over the past few years. We are currently reaping the benefits of dramatic cost reductions, improved operating specifications and available financial incentives to upgrade to this far superior lighting alternative.

With the ever-increasing rise in electricity costs, businesses are looking for ways to reduce their power consumption, save on energy costs and greatly reduce their maintenance requirements. The most recent hydro rate increase which you are very likely to witness on your next hydro bill, may just be the icing on the cake to prompt you into making your decision to upgrade sooner than later.

The great news is that we offer LED Lighting Solutions to help you achieve the desired reduction of costs that you are currently seeking. Whether you are retrofitting your existing lighting fixtures or installing new ones, the benefits are outstanding in the amount of savings that you will attain. Now is the time to book your complimentary energy audit before the IESO Incentive Program expires for this year. We also offer our services to submit the appropriate forms on your behalf for the grants that are available.

The Electrical Doctor will audit, analyze, recommend and implement new lighting solutions that will greatly reduce energy consumption, maintenance costs, and improve the overall safety and aesthetics of your establishment. This includes delivering a level of light colour and quality acceptable for use in your specific environment.

Here's What we Do for You
  • Analyze your current energy consumption.
  • Recommend the most suitable LED solution at an affordable price.
  • Determine the maximum lighting grant for which you qualify.
  • Comparative before and after analysis to put everything into perspective.
  • Project Installation and 3rd Party Approval
  • Complete and submit all pertinent documents to expedite receipt of your IESO grant.
Enjoy the Benefits
  • Energy consumption and demand drops between 50% to 90% are common.
  • Energy savings on lighting can be up to 95%.
  • LED lamps last up to 10 times longer than traditional lighting lowering maintenance costs.
  • Eliminate costs of replacing balasts that entail balast removal, purchase, and installation.
  • Competitively priced with commercial grade Tier 1 chips and drivers.
  • 100% Product Replacement Warranty.
LED Advantages over CFLs & Fluorescent
  • Significant drop in energy consumption.
  • Lasts much longer so the cost and inconvenience of maintenance is greatly reduced.
  • No flickering or buzzing noises.
  • Consistent, higher quality light provides less eye strain and leads to an overall better work environment.
  • Provides a fresh, attractive look to a building, which can increase property value.

Quality of light improvement LED lamps provide a consistent light level throughout their rated life cycle. Light levels from older technologies such as fluorescents often drop off considerably well before they reach the end of their projected lamp life. Unlike fluorescent lamps, which often flicker, LED lamps will provide a flicker-free even light. The consistent quality of light that LED technology provides may provide less eye strain and lead to an overall improved work environment.

Ballast “buzzing” sounds eliminated Often fluorescent fixture ballasts create an annoying buzzing sound as they approach the end of their useful service. LED T8 lamps operate quietly and at very cool temperatures.

Significant drop in energy consumption Although some businesses use their lights only 50 hours per week, changing to LED lamps can provide at least a 65% drop in lighting energy consumption.

Flexible Technology LED lighting includes technology that allows for add-on features which provide for even more control over how energy for lighting is consumed. For example, “Daylight Harvesting” controls can be added to automatically dim lighting fixtures that are located in close proximity to windows when sufficient outdoor light is available. “Occupancy and/or Vacancy Sensor” controls can also be added to turn lights on or off within a room or area of the workplace to further reduce valuable energy consumption.

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